What We Do For Society

We provide many important services for our local community, and over time have become a very crucial part of the home design and construction industry in West Virginia. We offer a variety of different services that have helped improve the remodeling experience for everyone in the area. Here are some of the benefits that we’ve provided to our members as well as our general community.

We advocate for employees and consumers in these industries.

If you work for a large contractor, we want to make sure that you are treated fairly by your employer. We hold our members to certain standards to ensure that they are respectful of their employee’s needs. For example, we require our members to pay their workers appropriately for the amount of work they do, and we also require them to have worker’s compensation and certain benefits in place. On top of that, we also care about the consumer and making sure that you have a good experience when you work with any of our member professionals. We require that our members have liability insurance and that they provide official contracts to all of their clients to make sure that everything is managed effectively.

We help professionals market their businesses.

We want truly talented contractors to be the ones receiving the most business in our area. That’s why we help our professional members market their services effectively. We do this by including them in our directories and connecting them with our homeowner members who are looking for service providers. We also help them market their businesses via social media and local events to reach their target demographics.

We encourage remodeling in the community.

Home remodeling and construction is a great way to revitalize older towns and to draw new people to the area. We believe there’s a lot to love about West Virginia, and we want to encourage people to move to our area. One of the best ways to do that is by improving the quality of the homes available here. By encouraging remodeling in the community, new potential residents will be intrigued. Remodeling is also good for the economy of any community, because it provides work for citizens and helps small businesses grow.

We’re proud to be such an important part of our community. We’re excited to see it continue to grow over the next several years by expanding our member base and offering more services.